The word heals, the word kills

According to Buddhism, when people talk, especially when they talk too much and not making much sense, that is how they lose energy. Actually, speech is a main source of the energy loss. Many devotees and saints went to secluded places, so that nothing would encourage them to participate in empty talks. Christians believe that the idle chats are one of the main obstacles on the way of spiritual and material progress.

And if we think about it, we form our opinion on a person by the way he speaks. Speech reveals the essence of the person. While a person does not speak, it’s hard to know him.

There is a close connection between mind and speech, mind and body, mind and soul. A healthy body, a healthy mind and healthy speech create a harmonious personality. Modern research has shown that errors in speech are not accidental. They have a deep connection with mental development. Stammering and stuttering in speech appear when there is a serious emotional violation. Virtually all diseases are psychosomatic in nature.

Health and material well-being depend on speech. And this applies not only to spiritual people, but also to those who want to succeed materially. The ability to speak and listen has been very seriously studied in all business schools. Even in the criminal world, to rise in the gangster hierarchy, you need to be able to control the language. In their world, the statement that a word can kill a person is very much real.

Three minutes of anger can destroy ten years of friendship. Words strongly define our karma. You can do spiritual development, charity work for ten years, but by insulting a great personality, you can lose everything at all levels and degrade into lower forms of life. Insults and disrespectful speech could quickly deprive a person of all that he has achieved in spiritual and material terms. In the Vedic civilization, each person was taught to closely monitor his speech. Speech has very strong energy. Specialists with a subtle vision say that people who communicate with a swearing, rude and offensive words, say they get a black spot in a certain place in a thin body, which after a year or two can develop into a cancerous tumour.

Speech is a manifestation of life force. Ayurveda also says that speech is a manifestation of prana. Prana is the life force, the Universe energy. The more energy or prana, the healthier, more successful, charismatic and harmonious person can be. So, first of all, prana is used when a person speaks. Especially when someone criticizes, condemns, makes claims, and curses. According to statistics, 90% of all quarrels are due to the fact that we are talking about someone badly. The most successful are the people who speak pleasantly and are able to control their speech. In the Bhagavad-gita it is said that the austerity of speech is the ability to speak the truth in pleasant words.

People who talk rudely, occupy the last places in all hierarchies. This also applies to countries as a whole. Please note that countries with a high culture of speech are more successful – like Japan or Germany, and indeed all the countries included in the Big Eight. Unfortunately, we now observe a process of cultural degeneration, which includes the degradation of the culture of speech. And this affects both the economy and the spiritual life in general. In the East, a person who cannot control his speech elementary is considered very primitive, although he may be a professor in the West.

Remember: “A fool from a wizard can be distinguished when he speaks.”


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