The ageing of the human body begins in his legs, and that is why.

Long ago, since ancient times, Chinese discovered it. That had been described in their manuscripts with the advice on how to strengthen the legs, and by doing that to postpose the body ageing.

Firstly, they insisted on the necessity to walk barefoot! Of course, we practically don’t have a chance to do it in the street. Then do it at home. Even if you floor is cold, never mind, take off your slippers and socks and give it at least 10 minutes. If you will be persistent enough and do it 2-3 times a day – congratulations! You are going to live longer, and your ageing has been delayed!

It is important to vary your movements: walk a bit on your heels, then on your toes, and also on the outer and inner parts of your feet. That makes your feet stronger, strengthens your muscles and bones, hence, it improves blood circulation in them.  In turn, your internal organs also function better.

Honestly, it’s not a complex task, and only laziness could stop you from doing it. Start right now!

Then another super useful exercise: lightly beat your feet, from today – daily. That shall be done in a gentle manner, right behind your toes. You can use for this some small rubber or timber hammer, or even am empty bottle. Pretty soon you start feeling how a pleasant warmth is spreading through your body, and you become more relax and calm.

That simple exercise is considered one of the best ones to improve blood circulation firstly in your leg, and then in the whole body.

Interestingly, for people with vision problems, has been found to be effective to do that ‘beating’ right behind 2nd and 3rd toes, just for 5 minutes but every day. Those are the reflex zones, associated with the eyes.

Even nowadays, Chinese doctors are convinced that by massaging a special spot on the feet on a regular basis also supports better circulation and relaxation in the legs muscles.

They call that acupuncture point Yun-Tsyuan, which is located in the middle on the foot’s arch. They are offering two methods of doing it: the dry one and the wet one.

The dry one is just to press that spot 20 times without break, first on one foot, then on the other, hot pressing too much. They suggest one has to do it twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

For using a wet method: prepare a basin with 38C (roughly) water, place your feet in there and wait until they get red. Then, using your thumbs press and massage the spot 80 times with no break. Then rub the feet up for a few minutes.

If in the morning your feet are achy and first steps off the bed is really difficult, that means it is likely your are ‘hosting’ Arthrosis in your legs. Of course, in this case get an advice from your doctor, maybe a rheumatologist and orthopaedist. Possibly, they suggest you to use medicinal anti-arthrosis gels from the chemist.

They also might suggest you to use medical bile for compresses. Soak a cloth in it, turn over your legs, then cover it with something like Gladwrap, then woollen scarf or similar and leave it there overnight.  Do such compresses every second day, and you are supposed to reduce your morning discomfort.

And, of course, you have to move, walk and don’t allow your legs to get lazy.

What is also helpful for the legs is a contrast douche alternating hot and cold water. That elevates muscle tonus, improves circulation and – hence! – a postponement of the body ageing.

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