Mother Nature has been generous to us from the beginning of time, providing means for treating many health conditions. But the more expensive and often harmful chemicals in our medicine cabinets the less we use Mother Nature’s gifts.

What is remarkable in a strange way that most of us know those natural secrets but there is an enormous gap between what we know and what we do, isn’t it? One of the reasons is that natural remedies take time to do their job and bring us the result. It is much easier to succumb to a temptation to use something ‘fast’. We are getting so attached to ‘fast foods’, ‘fast fixing of anything’, ‘fast pain reliefs’, and so on. We turn a blind eye on what does it cost us in sense of a possibility of harmful side effects. We just want it NOW, no matter what. True?

For bicarbonate of soda, for one, the first exceptionally useful property is that it alkalizes the body. As many foods are acidic, alkalizing process could be as simple as having a quarter of teaspoon of soda with warm water before sleep.

A half tea spoon in hot milk with honey soothes a sore throat and reduces cough. Also gurgling with soda and salt mixed together in warm water helps to recover faster.

I know that you know that – but the question remains – do we do it or we just grab something from a chemist not giving much thought to it? Am I right?

It is so easy now to just go Google and find the list, for example, of those natural wonders of bicarbonate soda. And many other wonderful substances with proven healing properties.

My message to you is just a reminder that there are many better, healthier and much cheaper ways to healing than go straight away to powerful but sometimes dangerous man-made chemicals..

Take common salt, as another example.1:10 salt in water solution can be used for cleaning wounds and injuries, gurgling and clearing the nose.

There is a famous story from the times of WWII. In Russia, on Far North by the Barents Sea military doctors, not having enough medicine, treated soldiers wounds with see water with unfailing success. There were practically no cases of septicemia, which could have easily occurred if the water did not work as a powerful antiseptic.

So, what I wish to say that we all are so much stuffed with chemicals lurking in our foods, in treating our bodies, in cleaning our kitchens and looking after our gardens.

Mother Nature wants us back. She is still offering us better, safer and cheaper choices. And nowadays it is so easy to find them. You don’t need me or anyone else telling you what to do. It is all in the clouds, within your reach.



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