Samadhi – a special state of the mind for reaching your goals

Samadhi has come from ancient Indian doctrines, from yoga and martial practices. When your mind goes into that fully concentrated state what is called Samadhi, it works highly productively. When you are in Samadhi consciousness there are no chaotic thoughts usually circulating in your mind. In the absence of the mental chaos you are able to focus on your desirable idea or on the problem you hope to solve, without common and usual distractions.

It takes efforts to learn how to reach the Samadhi state.

Many mental techniques can teach us how to get into the Samadhi. That could be reached by practicing yoga, by meditation without going too deep into the altered state of consciousness, by putting yourself into a light trance, still being able to control your mind and observe your surroundings, and quite a few others.

Let’s learn one of the methods, which let you reach Samadhi in a few minutes.

• Close your eyes and imagine that your mind looks like a clear blue sky. Any clouds on it, they are your thoughts: dark, grey, golden or white ones. They are your thoughts that are polluting your mind. Try to drive them aside – that’s not easy. Those clouds appear again and again. But you persevere. Imagine fencing them out by the wind, breaking them with the rays of the Sun, and swiping them away with a duster. Put efforts into keeping your blue sky clear.

• Now imagine a golden table in the middle of your sky picture, with a silver ball on the table. The ball is absolutely immovable, in spite the fact that it is round and could easily roll. Watch the ball. Pay attention to how it reflects the rays of the Sun, absorbing the light of the sky and sending this light from within out. And how it is holding its immobility.

• After observing the ball for a few moments you are gradually becoming calm and relaxed. You have no disorderly thought anymore. You feel clearness of a blue sky. It is described as the Great Comic Emptiness. You get the feeling that there is no evil and no good; no short or long distance; no emotions of love or hatred. All in all: all differences are erased, no reasons or causes for feelings.

That is a state of Samadhi. Open your eyes, breathe and go about your business. Try to fix deep inside what you just have been through, don’t splash it away.

When you are in Samadhi, everything is clear in your mind, and no wrong interpretations. It becomes obvious that everything that exists has rights for existence. No need to fight anything. All and everything is how it should be for your good.

Use that state of emptiness to uncover your inner strength and resources. However, – warning! – Don’t take that state as your goal and don’t try to reach Nirvana in order to get out of reality of life.
Actually your goal is completely opposite one: you must stay in the physical reality rising above it as high as possible.

Therefore, the state of emptiness is just an instrument; and that is how it shall be viewed. It allow you:

• Evaluate your situation accurately
• See an aura of people and objects
• Discover the way toward achieving your goals
• Do healing for yourself and loved ones
• Uncover concealed opportunities.
By the way – about the concealed opportunities. Those are usually right next to you appearing in response to your wishes. But usually we don’t see them. Because we get used to walk on the beaten track of the road, they take us far away from those new opportunities.
Our inability to see our opportunities is to blame for our not fulfilled dreams and not eventuated desires. That is why our aspiration, ambitions and intentions remain unrealised. Therefore, try to use Samadhi for clearing your mind and open your eyes and have courage to admit that you don’t see opportunities, which are there for you, right in front of your eyes.
If you do it, next steps would be easier.

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