Lets remember what usually people say to console you:

– Don’t stress out. Don’t get upset. No need to constantly concentrate on your aches and pains. It will pass, try not to think about your knees and why they are sore all the time. A bit of pressure in the chest? But hopefully not too strong? Just try to forget about it, distract yourself off those nagging thoughts.

What does usually follow such compassionate words? Correct: you are feeling worse. And that is because that kind of sympathy only works by making you becoming more focused on your ailments. It cannot be worse than that.

As you know, the focus of attention defines your choices. Whatever you focus your attention on, that is what you get.

The more you concentrate on your ailments, the more significant they become. They are getting stronger and even multiply. However, if you try to ignore them, not to think about them because you have more important things to think about, the less noticeable and prominent they become.


Why is that so? Because the more we pay attention to them, the more energy we supply to heir development. They are striving on the inflated attention and gathering more strength. However, when don’t get that nurturing energy they are getting weaker and losing their strength.


It is easy to say but how could one forget about the ailment when the body virtually crying with pain? Or when the body is so exhausted by the disease and dangerous doses of some medications that it simply refuses to serve you?

To this question I can give not one but two answers:

  • No, in that case you will not forget about the disease.
  • Yes, and in this case you can put your disease on a hungry ration – do not feed your pain / illness with your attention, and continue to do other things.

Which answer do you prefer?

If you strongly choose the second one, it means that in difficult situations you usually look not for the reasons but solutions. It’s true for you? You are not very interested in the reasons of your problems but rather search for the way to overcome them, right?

Therefore, you do not need to explain, because you know it well: look either for a reason or for a way out (explanation or method). On a more general scale those two are like two ways on how to live your life.

Don’t panic, think your situation – whatever it is – over, and make a conscious decision to project your energy onto finding solutions, not reasons. Practice it in all spheres of your life. Soon you will learn that such an approach really works and make your life easier. The choice is always yours, so choose wisely.

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