Night Food

As we intend to eat less, we can do so by having smaller portions and not eating after 6 pm. Another way to reduce our appetite is to inhale nice but neutral aromas like vanilla, green apple or cinnamon. Such aromas suppress our appetite as they directly impact our brain’s emotional sectors. We can usually handle our appetite well until the evening.

Then, somehow, we feel an urge to check our fridge. It often starts with an innocent cup of tea but ends up with an accompanying sandwich, a couple of cookies or a lovely piece of cake. Of course, it feels great. However, we pay for those pleasurable moments later.

Unfortunately, consuming those small delights, we’re only topping up our fat deposits. To fight human nature’s call for night food is a difficult task. Recently, dieticians released some recommendations for those who cannot resist that call and suggested what foods are suitable for late snacking. These choices improve the quality of your sleep and don’t move the arrow on your scales further to the right. Here they are—five safe night snacks.

DARK CHOCOLATE: It contains a minimal amount of sugar and helps to reduce your cholesterol level. A couple of squares would be okay.

SOUP: Any warm liquids are relaxing and calming. It could be chicken or vegetable—however, lentil or pea soups are not recommended as they can lead to disturbed sleep.

ALMONDS: A handful of almonds can satisfy your appetite while not causing weight gain.

PUMPKIN SEEDS: If your hand is reaching out for a packet of popcorn or chips, try pumpkin seeds instead. They are rich in magnesium, which supports a quiet, deep sleep.

RICE: Dieticians believe that diets based on rice diminish the risk of insomnia by 46%. Rice has a high GI that encourages the production of tryptophan and melatonin. These hormones are highly beneficial for a good night’s sleep.

Also, we must understand our body’s tricks. Often, when we feel hungry we are in fact thirsty. So, before grabbing a snack, have a glass of water or a nice, warm ginger tea.



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