Is the secret to looking young a matter of buying expensive creams and being needled? No.

No amount of cosmetic products and procedures can really make someone look naturally young.

So, what is the reason or explanation why is it so that a face regularly subjected to various cosmetic applications still reveals its age exactly as a face of a person who rarely uses any creams or cosmetics?

So much hopes and tremendous amount of money spent on various cosmetic tricks – but, at the end of the day, they are not able to conceal your age. Why is it so?

And that is in spite of highest quality of the products and technologies:

  • The composition of the modern cosmetics is practically equal to the skin’s composition.
  • The products take into consideration the skin’s needs and requitements.
  • The application techniques are close to perfection.
  • Technical procedures using various devices are so well substantiated that it seems it’s not possible for them not to bring a result.

However, the skin, temporarily improving under cosmetics, still shows signs of ageing, creates fine and not so fine lines, gradually slides down and makes facial features dull and expressionless.

Why? Do you know the answer? I am pretty sure we all know it but prefer to be in denial. The truth is that our skin is an indicator reflecting a general state of every internal organ and holistically of the body as a whole.

Therefore, our skin is not getting older by itself but visually demonstrates the status of your health or level of wear and tear of our internal organs. And the most obvious demonstration is presented on our faces.

The face is the map, on which it is so easy to read about all of the internal problems.

And now look what this understanding gives us.

At the very least, it makes it possible to realize that by putting the cream on your face (or even injections), it is not the way to cope with the internal problems.

For example, the deep naso-labial folds indicate problems of the gallbladder.
On the other hand, it is necessary to concentrate on another fact: internal resources of the body are always there, governed and guided by person’s mind. Internal resources of the body are always potential.

However, if we cannot manage our own biological systems then we must accept that ageing and illnesses are unavoidable.

This is a fatal fallacy.

Everything is reversible, except for the physical death of the body.

The aging processes are reversible.
As to diseases, they are just the signals our body sends us as if asking to concentrate, analyse, take measures and act accordingly – and get well.

… In short, pursuing the goal of rejuvenation, we should not put all our hopes only on cosmetics and beauticians. We need to understand that the tools possessed by modern cosmetology – with all their powerful strength – are not capable to fight aging.

And what can cope with aging? Yes, only our mind.

More precisely, the subconscious – because it controls all

biochemical processes, and therefore, it is necessary to negotiate with it when you want your bio-systems to work in a healthy and constantly updated body.

Yes, you can continue to rely on cosmetology, putting your big but often empty hopes in it. Your choice.

And – although temporarily – it really helps.

The top layer of the skin responds well to cosmetic procedures – but can we call it “rejuvenation” in a true meaning of this word?

And if, in all honesty, we wish to evaluate person’s appearance,

it turns out like this: an elderly woman turns in … into well-groomed elderly woman.
Just, please, get me right: I am not in confrontation with cosmetology. And I certainly don’t urge you to abandon its achievements.

What I am trying to say is: we shall not shift all responsibility to cosmetology.

The optimal approach is to combine efforts:

  • Let cosmetology work with your skin – cleanses and nourishes it,
  • In the meantime, negotiate with your subconscious.
  • A simple thing as ‘an apple a day’ will do much more for you younger look.

An apple is much more reliable than currents, injection and plastic surgery. The proper nutrition and attention to our body physical needs provide for not just a temporary aesthetic effect, but for cumulative biological effect. As a result, the effect of renewal depends on the organism itself.

My favourite comparison is for a cake and cream roses on top of it. I like to compare cream roses with cosmetics but they could not hang in the air. They need to be laid on a solid supportive base – the actual cake. And that is our biology, working properly and being sustainable. Then we can have our cake and eat it as well, don’t we?


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