A cucumber has been considered as valuable food since Hippocrates’ times. And it could top up any diet.
But this vegetable has many other uses that you most likely did not know about.

Cucumber story 1:
Do you know that a simple cucumber contains all the necessary for our health vitamins and trace minerals: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Vit. C, Folic acid, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sodium and Zink? It is also low calories and hydrated vegie. Try to include it in your daily meals.

Cucumber story 2:
When you feel tired in the afternoon, try this. Instead of pumping yourself with caffeine grab a cucumber. To restore alertness you need a product containing Vitamins of B group and carbs. All B vitamins are present in cucumbers, and – unexpectedly – it also have some carbs. Eat one cucumber – and feel refreshed.

Cucumber Story 3:
Are you tired of wiping the misted-out mirror in the bathroom after taking a shower? Before taking a bath, lubricate the mirror with a cucumber circle – it will not fog up, and the bathroom will have a pleasant smell.

If your garden is visited frequently by harmful insects, put cucumber slices in disposable aluminum utensils. The combination of cucumber with aluminum will cause a chemical reaction. As a result there will be a smell that the person does not feel, but for insects it is unbearable.

What to do if after taking alcohol you developed a very bad headache? Do not drink more – first, and secondly, eat a cucumber and go to sleep. In the morning you wake up fresh, without a headache. Cucumber contains both sugar and electrolyte, which together with vitamin B regulate the metabolism, disturbed by the acceptance of alcohol that caused you a headache.

Are you nervous before the exam? Take a cucumber, slice it and cover it with boiling water. Breathe the steam coming out if it and feel much calmer straight away.

You have an unpleasant smell from the mouth. Take a piece of cucumber and chew it for 30 seconds. The smell will disappear.

Taps, kitchen sink and gas stove need cleaning. Take a piece of cucumber and wipe the desired place several times. The surface will not only glisten, but there will be no traces. In addition, your hands and nails will come into contact with natural material, not chemicals.

Did you write something with a pen and make a mistake? Take the skin of the cucumber and gently erase the unnecessary letter. Cucumber can wipe even a felt-tip pen.

Cucumber has a cosmetic property to tighten the skin for a while. You are going to the swimming pool, but feel a bit embarrassed of cellulite on your legs? Take 1-2 circles of cucumber and smear these places with them. Wrinkles on the face will also be smoothed with cucumber for a while, and the skin becomes more elastic.

You have an important meeting, but you do not have time to polish your shoes? Take a cucumber circle and walk them on the surface of the shoes once. Your shoes immediately shine, like the new ones. In addition, the cucumber contains waterproof substances, and in case of a rain, the feet will not get wet.

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