Brain Hygiene

Our brain – same as with any other body organs – needs a maintenance and be kept in active mode: in order not to get rusty.  For better functioning our brain needs support from other parts and system of the body.

Let’s talk a little about your brain’s hygiene. Blood circulation is of vital importance for the brain to be healthy. Tremendous amounts of blood circulate daily through our brain’s blood vessels, namely, 2,000-2,200 litres.

If the blood doesn’t flow freely it hinders our brain activity. And the quality of blood depends on its saturation with oxygen as well as on the blood’s components for which your doctor, from time to time, sends you for a blood test.

If your blood test shows some abnormality that is up to your doctors to find a treatment, however, you are also in charge. Healthy lifestyle automatically means healthier body including your brain.

Here are a few simple “golden rules” to support your brain hygiene.

First golden rule: always remember that for proper functioning your brain needs oxygen, needs fresh air.  Take short breaks while working and even while watching TV.  Go for systematic strolls outside.  Create clean atmosphere in your home and work, open your windows often. Don’t accumulate too much clutter, and make sure your dusting and moping is up to date!  And yes, it all also helps improve your memory .

Second golden rule: make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation is damaging for brain activity, therefor this affects your memory as well.

We all experience how much brighter we are after an uninterrupted quality sleep, and also how terrible we can feel without one.

Give your brain a dose of oxygen and a good night’s rest, and the rewards will show up in no time!

Third golden rule: Do you like Sudoku, puzzles or crosswords? They are gymnastics for your brain and memory, pleasant and entertaining pastimes. Pay attention to how your brain feels. Don’t neglect such signs as tiredness, cloudy slowing down thinking, and headaches, of course.

British scientists from the University of Exeter and Royal College of Physicians (London) analysed data of 17 thousand seniors who were subjected to cognitive tests over a number of years. The results revealed that people who loved crosswords reliably demonstrated a higher level of concentration and attention to detail, and ability for better reasoning and memorising. Not surprising really!

Nowadays, we pay much more attention to our brawn than to our brain. I don’t think it’s fair, do you? Show your brain that you care and be rewarded with clearer thoughts and faster reactions as well as better moods.

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