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The Lukin Longevity System

My Longevity System is a product of many years of studies in human biology and behavioral psychology, as well as a vast work experience related to age, ageing and longevity.

It is a concise strategic guidance book with step by step planning to create ‘Living younger, longer’ life.

For more then a decade I worked as a Health Educator for Cancer Council of Victoria and for one of its program ‘Quit’.  My voluntary work in my community also gave me an incredible insight into mentality of older people, their perceptions, their aspirations and their stress and confusion going into retirement age. I provided various activities and counselling, organised events and competitions and also published a free community info-magazine.

More recently for eight years I was running my own remedial exercise studio with my clients being mainly 50+ women with various conditions from Diabetes, Arthritis and Depression to Fibromyalgia, mobility and flexibility problems and obesity.

My biggest reward and satisfaction were wonderful testimonials with gratitude and appreciation from my clients, from being able to help people, sometimes desperate and without hope. I provided a lot of psychological support and showed them my genuine attention and empathy. And that is what people are craving most.

I have grown together with my clients in my understanding of many aspects of health – physical, mental and psychological. I also become more aware of my own feelings and emotions, which helped me enormously in creation of my longevity program.

I know I have done something good, something useful and practical. Please get my book – on Kindle it costs less than a dollar – and tell me what you think, and maybe write a review. I will appreciate it greatly.

“The Lukin Longevity System” book

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“The Lukin Longevity System”

How to Live Longer and Age Slower – Whether You’re 18 or 80.

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