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About me

I created my longevity system based on my extensive experience in health allied fields, on my ample scope of knowledge in human biology and the environment I grew up in. I mean my family where my mother was a prominent scientist with her Doctorate related to human development; my grandmother was a dentist, my grand uncle was a professor of Botany and the author of numerous books on medicinal herbs and plants; and even my mother-in-law and step-mother, both were doctors pediatricians. So, from very childhood I heard a lot of talking about health, medicine and human development.

My work experience included me starting my career as a junior scientist after getting my Degree in Human biology and related disciplines.  However being more interested and inclined to education and promotion of science rather then working in a lab, I moved to become a journalist and author writing on health related issues. Then I got similar job on TV working as a reporter and screenwriter on Moscow channel, mainly on the program “Good evening, Moscow!” I also published a few non-fiction books in Russian on popular medicine, health and psychology issues.

Moving to Australia in 1992 I clearly realised that new life in the new country was a new beginning, not so closely relevant to what I was doing before, and I had to start almost from scratch.

Between 1992 and 1998 I was teaching Russian at Melbourne Uni and worked on a sessional bass for the Department of Education in their languages exams programs.

I enrolled to RMIT and completed one-year study for interpreting and translating and got accredited by NAATI as a professional translator with my own stamp for certifying my translations.

Therefore, as self-employed person, I worked for many organisations, mainly on call, like Magistrate Court, Children’s Court, Mercy Hospital, Police, for businesses like BioDiem or mining companies, for doctors, and for private people.

From 1994 to 2004 I worked for the Cancer Council of Victoria in their Community Language Program and for Quit in the capacity of Health Educator on a sessional basis.

In 2008, at the age of 65, first time in my life I started my small business Shapemaster Feel Good Studio in Canberra providing remedial exercise predominantly for women over 40, for those out of condition, for people recovering from operations or injuries as well as providing psychological counseling and support.

In 2016 I sold this business to a doctor GP.

Now I feel like it is my current calling or duty or mission to share my knowledge with others and keep staying useful as much and as long as I can.

“Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get.” Forrest Gump


NLP Life coaching

Are you at a crossroad with your plans and goals, your health concerns, relationships and family issues as well as business, work and retirement activities choices?

Do you think you are struggling with insurmountable problem?

Lets deal with it together.

Initial consultation is FREE.

We will discuss your needs, goals, your dilemmas and roadblocks (your limiting beliefs) on the way to desirable outcome. Single sessions and packages are available (to suit your goals and budget).

Vision boards’ manifestation

The vision board is a tool of visualization and manifestation of your goals.
You will learn why some vision boards work while others don’t.
For individuals and small groups.

Public Speaking

I  do public speaking in Melbourne and all around Australia.

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