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Mystery of Aging

Let’s look at the key words: AGE, AGEING and LONGEVITY. The latter, LONGEVITY as a concept is quite fluid these days.

The longest living person on Earth was madam Jeanne Louise Calment, a French super-centenarian who verifiably lived to the age of 122 years and 164 days.

However, Dr de Grey, a biomedical gerontologist, and the author of a sensational book “Ending Ageing” made an astonishing statement that humans can live for a thousand years.

In the 15 years since, his reputation among gerontologists — scientists concerned with aging — has moved from being one of ridicule to one of the most powerful and respected in the industry.

His point is that advances in bio-technologies of repairing damage, including replacing body parts, stem cell therapies and similar discoveries would significantly increase the longevity threshold.

Of course, De Grey and other researchers are not aiming to increase our lifespan to one thousand years, as obviously that could create an incredible population crisis.  They don’t believe we’re going to live forever—nor should we.

The great majority of longevity scientists are not looking for immortality but for healthy ageing.  They want to give us a healthier, longer life followed by “compressed morbidity”—a quick and painless death.  This is very encouraging!

Let’s now get back to AGE and AGEING, how do we perceive these notions?  For some people they sound like they are about old age, about growing old, battling illnesses, gradually getting frail and senile.  The problem is not in that we think this way.  It is when we do think this way we are submissively inviting these experiences into our lives like sheep to the slaughter.

However, to put it simple: AGE is a number, AGEING is a condition.

To know your age look at the date in your passport, to evaluate ageing you see the condition of the person.

If we elaborate further: AGE is about progressing in years while AGEING is a performance of our body and mind.

We cannot change our age, but we can change our physical, mental and psychological condition.

To elaborate more and emphasise that growing old is a linear process, while ageing is about how you feel and look.  The point is we associate certain conditions with a certain age. However, in real terms it’s nothing like that. Say, after having your Appendix removed at 25 during recovery you would feel more like much older man due to the anaesthetic and surgery.  Or someone experiences early menopause at 35 – their physical experience would be more like that of a 50-year old woman.  So, if we assign conditions to a certain age you will see it is not a linear progression, but more up and down, back and forward or even a zig zag pattern.  Therefore, growing old and ageing are not the same.

Therefore, your passport age does not convey real information about either your health condition, nor your physical potentials or, for example, the speed of your reactions. It is also not really helpful when estimating your age by your looks.

To establish the “true” age of a person one normally checks three parameters:

  1. Endurance of the heart under physical stress
  2. Flexibility of joints
  3. Speed of reaction

Those parameters are used to define the biological age of a person.

  • Very important that they don’t include irreversibility, which means that every parameter could either change for the worse with age or equally could change for the better.
  • And the main parameter among those is… Can you guess?
  • No, it’s not the condition of the joints.
  • No, it’s not the endurance of the heart.
  • That’s right, the main indicator of our biological resource is the speed of our reactions, which is a responsibility of our brain!

The good news is that the brain could be trained practically at any age!

The current, 21st century has been announced as the century of biology.  We are lucky that right now, so many discoveries are being made or are in the pipeline to help us live longer and more productively. However, it doesn’t mean we just sit, arms crossed, and wait for them to be delivered.

They – I mean scientists and researches – do their job, but we must do ours.  Then our cumulative results will bring us experiences like never before: feeling younger, happier and healthier against our previous limiting beliefs and expectations.

It’s a fantastic time for seniors and for younger people thinking about their future. We used to be bombarded with limiting beliefs about ageing but what we need to do is to scrap them out, like shells that have been scrapped from the cruise ship’s bottom in order to start a new sailing afresh.

Our future starts today.

It is our choice how we want it to be.

Exclude all the words related to ‘poor me’, ‘I am getting old’, ‘I expect to feel ill soon because of my age’, ‘I am not supposed to take risks when I am old’, ‘I just live cautiously waiting for my imminent departure’, etc.


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