Why people age with different speed

Nil novi sub luna … Nothing is new under the Moon. All ‘new’ is a very well forgotten ‘old’. Recently science confirmed that energy is fundamental for ‘life’. That is why I am a quantum biologist, as biology without energy would be just an anatomy.
However, it is not a new discovery at all. Eg. that was already presented in 64 hexagrams in the year 700 BC as ‘I Ching’, or The Book of Changes. Now we are coming back to recognition of the very nature of our existence – energy.

There could be many definitions of the Energy as it is slowly becoming a common knowledge that we, the humans, are also a representation of the energy.

And – in a broader sense – LIFE IS ENERGY.

If we accept it then it’s time to stop trusting blindly to our sensory organs. We see, we hear, we touch, we taste – that is our material reality. But beyond material substance of our body the ethereal, astral and mental energy fields are surrounding us. They are the vital parts of a living body composition. And that is not a suggestion or imagination anymore. Technology of our days allows see and photograph those ‘thin fields’ (the term, that popular used for them), and also observe how those thin fields interact with each other and influence each.
That knowledge gives us an answer for the eternal question: why people age with different speed. Observing thin fields, our ‘invisible’ bodies, it has been shown that people who are prone to various ailments, getting frail early and by their 50s literally breaking down are those whose thin bodies are not uniform – or even torn to shreds.
And the same is justifiably shown in relation to their various life situations. For those people whose quantum (energy) anatomy looks like it had been on fire: with huge holes or rough patches – life is difficult and overloaded with various problems.
We must understand that we are multidimensional – we must proceed from this point of view. And also the vibrational medicine and approaches are still new and sink slowly in our mindsthat is just a matter of time.
The fundamental difference is that now an official science recognised and accepted that a person responds to energy impacts better than to the mechanical or often chemical ones. Take simple meditation, and how it affects our well-being in a positive way.
Not that long ago we were thinking about extra-sensory abilities like something totally exclusive, and not available to us, mere mortal. Moreover, we did not trust such people and suspected them in tricks and cheating. If we look at much earlier times, centuries ago, many people with such abilities were proclaimed to be witches and ended their life being burned alive. General population was so scared of them, saw their powers as diabolic and believed they must be exterminated. Horrific deaths!
Fortunately, today we begin to realise that what we call extra-sensory is, in fact, our natural gift, of which we are often not aware.
Perhaps, you’ve already heard or even tried some healing based on using energy approach. There are healer using own energy or – as they see themselves – are the conductors of higher energy. Many devices are now available that work on vibration technologies. The vibrational medicine works on the principles of using the energy produced by vibration for impacting on the body’s quantum anatomy. It is beneficial for the health and treating certain medical conditions, and enhances capabilities of our organs of perception.



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