This is an old anecdote:

The guy was in a prison, waiting for execution.

He was taken to an electric chair but he was so grossly obese that could not fit into the chair.

Then it was decided to make him to lose weight, and then to complete the execution.

His daily food intake was reduced but he did not lose weight.

Then his lunch and dinner were cancelled – he gained even more weight.

Next, he was deprived of any feed, no food at all.

The whole month passed.

He continued to get bigger.
In desperation, the prison stuff asked him: What’s happening? Why don’t you lose weight?

I am not sure, – the guy said. – May be because of a lack of motivation?


That is exactly true: the power or lack of motivation is a decisive tool on the way to achieving your goal.

The motivation is the main factor in performing any activities. It provides for your goals’ realisation.

But there is – unfortunately – another power that is even greater that motivation. It is a mighty antagonist to your motivation that sounds like that:

“The doubts about the attainability of the goal.”

Even the strongest motivation ingloriously failed before such an opponent.
What can we do then? How to not allow doubts to take over the power?

One of the ways is to look at other people who have achieved great results in their life.

Let’s start a discussion about how to concur obesity.

I know, it’s a bit f a jungle. It is a very commercialised area, the lucrative business for selling all sort of junk labelled ‘miracles’.

However, let’s see through the entangled web of heavy advertising and then have a look outside. What do you see? Many overweight and obese people of all ages who, quite likely, spent fortunes on diets, tables, shakes, programs and courses, and what?

Why the crowd is still comprises of many big bottoms, heavy thighs, double chins, puffing persons who need to stop for a breather?

You know, the truth is in the pudding.

I am quite perplexed with how strong is our desire for miracles, for fairy-tale solutions; how deeply we believe that one day some guru comes and waives his magic wand, and – voila! – you look in the mirror and see yourself size 12 instead of size 20. I am one of those people myself. I love miracles, I am longing for magic, but… life taught me otherwise.

Therefore, wake up, girls and boys. For 2o years of sweet indulgence you accumulated your kilos and you wish to lose it in a month? In a week? Tomorrow?

My God! If you find out how to do it, tell me first. Please!
Alas… The hard yakka is waiting.

What you need is a plan. A very detailed, concise, very well researched, based on your findings of solid evidence about how other people achieved their goal of losing weight.

If that sounds simple to you, think again. As soon as you take your pen and paper and start jotting what you have to do, you’ll stumble, and not once, many times.

That is how the proper goal setting works.

I spent a lot of my professional time learning how to approach it, set it right and then get a result.

I describe the whole process in my book “The Lukin Longevity System” – as the setting of goals requires a systematic approach.

If you need help, please contact me. Wishing you best for your daring endeavours.


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