The great revolution is now happening in medicine right in front of our eyes. New branches rapidly appear – such as complementary medicine, integrative medicine, energo-therapy, vibrational medicine.
Does it make our life easier? I doubt it. More choices mean more difficulties in making choices, isn’t it?
I don’t see any other way in relation to that, apart from educating ourselves in order being able to make an informed decision. We cannot trust blindly anymore. We have to think, and that is really a good thing
We live in the era of high technologies, however, our conventional medicine, even having an access to such technologies and top-end research, is not capable to prevent such global events as weakening of our human immune system around the world and personally on our individual levels.
Many of us begin noticing that some medicines and medical preparations are losing their efficacy.
One of the modern theories explains that our planet Earth is changing its vibration and frequency. That means that some old methods of treatments, including medications, and our old understanding of the human body’s energy are gradually becoming less effective.
The human body is a multidimensional, vibration being with numerous complex energetic interactions with everything that surrounds it. Such complex energetic interactions are now called a bio-energetic communication network. Our body emits vibratory information that is specific to the activities taking place within the body. The modern technologies allow measure those vibrations coming from every part of the body – physical, mental and emotional.
Traditional conventional medicine focuses on alleviating physical and psychological symptoms, not taking into account the true cause of the illnesses. However, true cause could be found in imbalances or overabundance of low vibrations in the person’s individual field of energy.
Ancient healers in every corner of the world used energy healing since as long ago as mankind could remember.
Nowadays, thanks to quantum theories, modern science begins to recognise the existence and importance of energy in evaluating and treating various human conditions. It became evident that changing a patient’s mindset is a shift in his energy. Positive mindset manifests itself in promoting healing. It has been shown that high-vibrating positive energy promotes healing, while low-vibrating negative energy hinders this process.
Virtually every ancient society across the globe has used and keeps using healing by adjusting and balancing a patient’s energy. Natural healers knew that there was more to healing than fixing wounds and relieving fevers. They understood that thought and other invisible elements caused or contributes to physical or psychological ailments.
Now, by discoveries of modern science and especially in quantum physics, more and more people – or just scientists or doctors but general population begin to recognise that the human body is an amazing creation, where vibration energy in genuine force of its existence.
All the creation, operation, manifestation and rejuvenation take place in the form of energy. The flowing of life energy is the source of every part of life. Once we understand the patterns of flowing energy, we understand ourselves, our body and mind, how the nature works and the universe itself.

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