9 signs you’re not drinking enough water

There is no need to talk about the importance of water for the body (which consists of water at more than 70%) as it is obvious. However, if we forget to get enough water during the day we actually deprive our body of that vital resource.

No other liquid is a replacement for pure water. All liquids contain water but to separate it and make it usable for your metabolism is a job for your cells that required expenditure of energy.

So, if you notice one of the signs I have listed below, please replenish yourself as soon as possible.

  1. Dryness in the mouth and dry skin

Certainly, when we feel that dryness we need to have a drink of water. But if we opt for a sweet or fizzy drink, they do not solve your dehydration problem. Only water can properly hydrate you.

Dry skin is the earliest sign of dehydration that can lead to serious consequences. Lack of water in the skin means lack of sweating. In turn, the body is losing its ability to excrete dirt and some fat that needs to be removed daily. The solution of course is to drink more pure water.

  1. Feeling very thirsty after drinking alcohol

This is not the same as dryness in the mouth. Anyone who has ever experience a hangover knows how bad it feels when after awakening you cannot quench your thirst. Alcohol can totally dehydrate you, so your body and mind transmit SOS signals, so don’t ignore them!

  1. Dry eyes

Dry eyes is a sign that there is a lack of water in your tear ducts. It is damaging for your eyes, especially for those who use contact lenses.

  1. Painful joints

Before deciding on Arthritis or any other diagnosis, remember that our joints and cartilage consists of 80% water. That is to provide protection and avoid them grinding on each other at every step. With a proper water balance in the body our joints are capable of absorbing shock from sharp movements like running, jumping or awkward falls.

  1. When sickness lasts longer

Water helps to eliminate toxins. Our organs work together as a whole to filter out toxic products. However, such a mechanism cannot function properly without water. As a result, in the dehydrated body out organs begin sucking water from your blood or lymphatic system, which has you feel and stay sick for longer.

  1. We feel tired and lethargic

When the body begins to ‘borrow’ water from your blood we get a reduced oxygen supply to our organs. And, in turn, it manifests as tiredness and drowsiness. If this continues, even coffee won’t be able to give you a boost.

  1. We feel hungry all the time

The signals of dehydration feel the same as the signals of hunger. Therefore if you feel hungry, have a drink of water first, and then decide whether you need to eat. For some people this happens a lot at night. So, instead of going right to the kitchen, try water, lukewarm or ever a warm glass or two. It might stop your irresistible dive in to the fridge.

  1. We experience digestion problems

As well as feeling dryness in our mouth, a similar dryness in your stomach leads to a diminishing amount and thickness of mucus. In turn, gastric acid erodes internal walls of your stomach and intestines. This is one of the common causes of reflux and upset stomach.

  1. We develop early signs of ageing

The amount of water our body can hold gets smaller with age. That is why we need to increase our water consumption as we age. It’s very important to set up a routine, and not just rely on your memory. For example, a 2 litre jug filled with water every morning will help to keep your hydrated. We know we’ve done well when by the evening the jug is empty.

It’s better to have more water than less: make it a rule. And why not have a glass of water right now. Cheers!

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