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Alexander Rossini,
director, 5th continent travel and tours

Seems that many of us like to share copybook maxims with our friends and relatives.  However, it is much easier to do than finding solutions for our own problems. I have regular counselling sessions with Natasha Lukin, a couch, who has been able not just to offer me ready solutions but direct me towards having a fresh look at my problem and see it under different angle. She knows how to listen and to hear and she sees the aspects of my problem that I have not been able to see. And when I got it I am surprised how could I not notice it before when they lied right in front of my nose?

Her system of mental exercises for opening your eyes to see your issues in the new light is unique in a way that it is simple and not requires special efforts. And then you got results that are equally unique. Although her methods are very important but of no less importance is Natasha’s personality as she is a delicate and not pushy adviser. She knows how to create that necessary trusting connection with a client, allowing you to relax, and then your solutions come to you seemingly naturally.

I am glad that the fate brought me in contact with this person and very grateful for all the time we spent together working on improving my various life situations. I wish Natasha all the best she deserves for supporting people when they need help and understanding!

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