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Interviews with Natasha Lukin:

What people say about “My Grandma’s HEALTH SECRETS revealed”

Judy Gregory

“Without taking too much time, the first thing that comes to mind is how useful the information and recipes are for those seeking tried and tested alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

Second come the advice from Natasha’s grandmother, lending an authentic folk history touch to the recipes and stories where many remedies have proved to have great efficacy.

Thirdly the historical use of certain remedies, e.g. the countries of origin, are interesting and often surprising.”

Deborah Linton
“…The intention of the author has been to provide her readers with an ample scope of advice and instructions on how to make and use home remedies out of the substances and products readily available in every kitchen. And that has been executed perfectly. Now I have a practical self-help guide and already implement a few things in my daily life, which is surprisingly easy…”

What people say about The Lukin Longevity System

Jeanette Russell
“The Lukin Longevity System” is a very informative and helpful book, a great guide to longevity with many tips and tricks to assist people into their later years. The idea is to support individuals with entering their golden years with aids for health, fitness, nutrition, and happiness. It has many practical, and tactical points for the reader so that they can plan their own longevity through Natasha’s inspirational system.
Well written and with the very beneficial advice.
In Natasha Lukin’s book she shares her vast knowledge, which comes from nearly 50 years of work and experience in the human biology field. She has also worked in the areas of positive psychology and health education. Recently Natasha has studied and certified in Tad James’s Neuro-linguistic programming to become a life coach and NLP practitioner. She also certified in Timeline therapy and hypnosis.
I found the book very inspiring, with the information which is certainly easy to follow and implement. The system itself is really clever and I am happy to recommend it for those individuals looking for the self-help and assistance. The contents include insightful enlightenment into personal beliefs about aging, keeping your memory polished, as well as creating and activating goals. Other goodies contain data on looking younger, clear vision, fitness, nutrition and recipes – to name a few, including many secrets to longevity.
There is a lot to be gained and learnt from reading this book.


Sofia Podlabeniouk
I have already bought this book and find it very interesting. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to take charge of his own life.


Dr Boris Goloub,
Psychologist, MBBS, Grad Dip Prof Psych, Grad Dip App Sci (Psych)
“The Lukin Longevity System” is a written phenomenon, not just a book. It is easy to read a piece of work with the thoroughly selected material. The author uses smart metaphors and offers practical advice and exercises to follow. Yes, it is a well-thought System and is worthwhile to consider for everyday use. It is specifically interesting when you consider the author’s personal achievements and attitude to life.


Marisha Rafaely,
Naturopath, Master of Clinical Science, Healthy Ageing Medical Clinic, Melbourne
As a member of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, I have a long-standing interest in healthy ageing. I am very much impressed by the Lukin Longevity System, offered by a scientist and health practitioner Natasha Lukin in her book. Her knowledge is insightful and put across in such a way that there can be no confusion. Not going deeper into science and research, It’s simple, really. Who would want to live a miserable and uneventful 20 or 30 years when you can do things, see things and keep the spark burning? In my view, Natasha Lukin’s book widens your horizons and provides you with practical steps on how to enjoy your Golden years to the full. This book should be handed out at the doctors’ surgeries. I will definitely recommend it highly to my clients.


Yael Kaminsky,
Naturopath, Tel-Aviv, Israel
As a naturopath myself I was particularly interested in Natasha Lukin’s at-home remedies. In my practice I rely a lot on natural therapies. For many years I am collecting folk medicine recipes from around the world. I have already known some of Natasha’s remedies, other are totally new ones. Thus, they become new additions to me collection. For example, her creak-free knee remedy ‘Salvation for Your Knee Joints’ would be helpful to many of my patients. However, first I give it a try myself, just to be sure how it works.
Anne Noonan,
Yoga Forever with Anne Noonan, Certified Nutrition Coach, Diabetes Food Advisor

“I thoroughly enjoyed it. I could read it in a couple of nights and found it refreshingly different to all the other ‘how to’ books out there. You can tell it comes from a deep thinker and a health practitioner with an open mind and heart. It’s easy to read that it should be a hand out at every doctor surgery.”


Andrei Ostroukh

“LOOKIN’ into living a longer and healthier life – with Natasha LUKIN’s book! When a couple of weeks ago I bought this book (on Kindle) I was so impressed that I bought a few more online versions to give to my friends. And now I have bought two paperbacks. They are on their way! One I will keep at home for my family. The second will go to a good old friend. I think he will be pleasantly surprised after reading the book.I am 57 y.o. male and a language professional. I translate and interpret English into Russian and vice versa, including simultaneous/conference interpreting. I also teach English. I live in a very demanding environment – for which I have to be fit.
I have read some books on a “healthy way of life” as we call it in Russia. This book, The Lukin Longevity System, is different from other books. First, it is very scrupulous and diligent in detail. Secondly, it is easy and fun to read, though it is not an easy-reading stuff. Paradoxical? Yes! The book is really written well because it makes the process of reading very enjoyable by being emotional and detailed. This is a book you will not read only once and then put it away or give somebody as a present.

For me, this is a book – one of a very few – that I would like to return to. It is also a reference book for making my lifestyle healthier and enjoyable and, finally, for making my life longer… The first system – System of Beliefs – powerfully resonates with me as it makes me realize that everything, including health, begins with the right mindset. Eliminating limiting beliefs is the first step on the way to healthy longevity. The book also contains tons of simple – though efficient – pieces of advice and recipes.

Speaking of the first, my favorite part, so far, is “Memory and Mnemonic Training.” It is short and precise in leading you through 7 simple and efficient exercises to keep the memory fit. I have already tried some of the exercises and I liked them! In our age of distractions, human memory does not function as in the age of books and libraries. The exercises help to restore the mental functions, which your brain is quickly forgetting – if not has forgotten already. Thank you, Natasha Lukin, for helping me keep my memory fit for my everyday tasks!!!

Speaking of the second part, the recipes, I must admit that they are – I keep repeating this word!!! – enjoyable. And they are also very doable and easy to accomplish. Hopefully, they are also efficient and effective as the exercises! The recipes I will approach slowly, step by step, as I want to see how they will be changing my life.

Of course, we cannot change our genetic makeup, but we can change our lifestyle and attitude to life. We can – it is not too late – learn how to live longer and enjoyable lives! That is what this book is about.

I highly recommend the book! And I wish Natasha Lukin success in her research and hard work. ”


Dr Irina Webster,
Medical Doctor, a Best-Selling Author of “The Secret Energy of Your Body”

“A must-read longevity guide for anyone considering to live a long and productive life… Read this book – and learn from one of the best health and longevity experts who really walks her talk.”


Alexander Rossini,
director, 5th Continent Travel and Tours

Seems that many of us like to share copybook maxims with our friends and relatives. However, it is much easier to do than finding solutions for our own problems. I have regular counselling sessions with Natasha Lukin, a couch, who has been able not just to offer me ready solutions but direct me towards having a fresh look at my problem and see it under different angle. She knows how to listen and to hear and she sees the aspects of my problem that I have not been able to see. And when I got it I am surprised how could I not notice it before when they lied right in front of my nose?

Her system of mental exercises for opening your eyes to see your issues in the new light is unique in a way that it is simple and not requires special efforts. And then you got results that are equally unique. Although her methods are very important but of no less importance is Natasha’s personality as she is a delicate and not pushy adviser. She knows how to create that necessary trusting connection with a client, allowing you to relax, and then your solutions come to you seemingly naturally.

I am glad that the fate brought me in contact with this person and very grateful for all the time we spent together working on improving my various life situations. I wish Natasha all the best she deserves for supporting people when they need help and understanding!

Tasha Marchev,
founder of the Bohemian Rhapsody Club and Magazine

I have started my health and longevity plan with Natasha Lukin on March 24, 2017. At that time I was going through lots of stress and Natasha was to me like a breath of fresh air. We had one 3-hour session first time. The system started to work immediately. Natasha’s counselling was exactly what I was looking for.The results were noticed immediately. I have not missed a day following her recommendations.

It has been nearly a year since I started, and I lost 25kg so far! That reflects on all levels of my life: I gained confidence, my emotional state of mind improved and my physical body pays me off with lots of energy, vitality and it is shaping up beautifully. I got the results I was looking for years and years.

The system requires discipline and the right tuning. If I feel I need Natasha’s support again I visit her but I have to admit that my first fine tuning was so effective I only required two more sessions in the first three months to assure myself that I work in the right direction. Natasha is very easy going and your secrets are safe with her. She is so passionate about passing her knowledge to people and assisting them in balancing their lives.

I love the results. I recommended Natasha to many of my friends already. Her knowledge was self tested and like with many other great doctors and health practitioners it worked.Knowledge is power. By healing you and giving you the vital knowledge how to tackle your life issues Natasha gives you power. I am taking this opportunity to thank my guide and my teacher.


Lena Frandi,
Lena Frandi, accountant, New Zealand
A friend passed a copy of The Lukin Longevity System to me and explained that I owed it to myself to read it first and to judge it second. I’m so glad I did. I made some very simple changes to my life and I’m already feeling better. I am in my fifties and not in a ‘bad place’ to begin with but subconsciously I guess I had been thinking through getting old in a negative way. Natasha Lukin has made me reshuffle my thoughts towards approaching the ‘autumnal years’ and I’m now looking forward to it.

“The Lukin Longevity System”

How to Live Longer and Age Slower – Whether You’re 18 or 80.

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