Is the secret to looking young a matter of buying expensive creams and being needled? No.

No amount of cosmetic products and procedures can really make someone look naturally young. So, what is the reason or explanation why is it so that a face regularly subjected to various cosmetic applications still reveals its age exactly as a face of a person who rarely uses any creams [...]

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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”             George Bernard Shaw How often do we talk with someone, go into discussion, trying to prove our point and maybe never realize we were talking about completely different issues? We’ve all [...]

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In the early 1990s Dr. Gordon Shaw developed the “Mozart Effect”, a theory that listening to classical music will make you smarter. According to the Associated Press, Shaw became interested in brain theory in 1973 when he began researching the brain's capacity for spatial reasoning. The 1997 book by Don Campbell, The Mozart Effect: Tapping the [...]

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My friend wrote to me: “I had to try eating more alkaline foods. A search on the internet, made me realise that it is really hard to go on a strict alkaline diet and – as harmful to the wellbeing of over 70s - we are advised to eat more protein at that [...]

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How ‘fit’ should we be at our age? At 20? 40? 60?

“Exercise won’t just help keep you slim, it’s also an important step to fighting the effect of ageing and improving your mental and physical,” says Tim Wright, fitness expert and the man behind Virgin Active’s latest service, Beyond Movement, which incorporates Pilates, sports massage and physiotherapy to ensure you are fit and [...]

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The book ‘The Obesity paradox’ by Dr. Carl J. Lavie was published in 2014. The author of this ‘poke in the eye of conventional medical wisdom’ Dr. Lavie says that "once you get high blood pressure, blocked heart arteries and peripheral arterial disease, the obese patients do better than the [...]

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