In the early 1990s Dr. Gordon Shaw developed the “Mozart Effect”, a theory that listening to classical music will make you smarter. According to the Associated Press, Shaw became interested in brain theory in 1973 when he began researching the brain's capacity for spatial reasoning. The 1997 book by Don Campbell, The Mozart Effect: Tapping the [...]

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Is your memory green?

What do you think: who’s life is easier: those with poor memory or the ones with a phenomenal memory? In fact, neither of them is lucky. Poor memory is a drag, limiting your actions, making you uncertain about yourself, sometimes embarrassing yourself, it could even be dangerous like when [...]

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How to de-clutter your memory

To de-clutter your memory storage is a job for your beautiful mind. Ideally that amazing recording facility shall monitor memory storage’s content and at certain times remove information that is not needed anymore and put it on the back burner. Just chuck it out! Really? Could it be totally [...]

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Where your memory resides?

On a daily basis an avalanche of new data is not just tossed in, but sorted out by key words and those pieces are arranged in such a way that allows us to instantaneously find and extract them on demand. For better understanding of memory storage ‘facilities’ some people [...]

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