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The word heals, the word kills

According to Buddhism, when people talk, especially when they talk too much and not making much sense, that is how they lose energy. Actually, speech is a main source of the energy loss. Many devotees and saints went to secluded places, so that nothing would encourage them to participate in [...]

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Getting active is not just about adding years to your life, it’s about adding life to your years. First and foremost, Life is Movement. And our modern life pushes us to move faster and in many directions at the same time. Work gets busier... traffic gets worse... kids demand more [...]

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How ‘fit’ should we be at our age?

“Exercise won’t just help keep you slim, it’s also an important step to fighting the effect of ageing and improving your mental and physical,” says Tim Wright, fitness expert and the man behind Virgin Active’s latest service, Beyond Movement, which incorporates Pilates, sports massage and physiotherapy to ensure you are fit and [...]

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Is It Safe to Re-boil Water?

- By and large, everything that our body needs from water is H2O. Water is the basic medium for all biochemical reactions. We are essentially water and protein. These two components must continuously and regularly enter our body. If a person can live without food for several weeks, then without [...]

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The book ‘The Obesity paradox’ by Dr. Carl J. Lavie was published in 2014. The author of this ‘poke in the eye of conventional medical wisdom’ Dr. Lavie says that "once you get high blood pressure, blocked heart arteries and peripheral arterial disease, the obese patients do better than the [...]

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The great revolution is now happening in medicine right in front of our eyes. New branches rapidly appear - such as complementary medicine, integrative medicine, energo-therapy, vibrational medicine. Does it make our life easier? I doubt it. More choices mean more difficulties in making choices, isn’t it? I don’t see [...]

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The Secret of the Emperors

Throughout the centuries Feng Shui has been praised and widely practiced by the upper class of the Imperial China. Up until the last Chinese Emperors ruling the country, Feng Shui stayed an inseparable part of the practices at the Imperial court. The Feng Shi Masters were either worshipped for their [...]

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