Is your memory green?

What do you think: who’s life is easier: those with poor memory or the ones with a phenomenal memory? In fact, neither of them is lucky.

Poor memory is a drag, limiting your actions, making you uncertain about yourself, sometimes embarrassing yourself, it could even be dangerous like when you can’t remember if you turned off the gas or unplugged your iron. And what about that endless search for misplaced keys or glasses! It definitely makes life harder.

However, the phenomenal memory is not a sure bet either. In psychology this type of memory has a special term coined: Hypermnesia. Researchers are still tossing up on how to classify phenomenal memory between: “acceptable” or “abnormal”.

This type of memory can bring a lot of negativity into people’s lives. You can’t go through life remembering anything and everything. If you remember every rude word spoken to you 30 years ago, someone’s insulting acts, your own stupid mistakes, and similar unpleasantness and hurts, tragic events, your close friend’s betrayal, – you kind of continue still living through them and experience negative emotions. So, it’s much better if your memory can eliminate them in time, similar to when you de-clutter your wardrobe.

The best, of course is to have a memory with no blind spots and gaps but at the same time it shouldn’t hold on to useless, long out-dated information. Easier said than done?

Mistakes and unpleasantness of your past should be removed by statute of limitations. You don’t need them, do you? Well, everything takes effort in life, including mental work.

The guiding principle is the same as for all our organs and abilities: if we don’t use it we lose it.

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