The book ‘The Obesity paradox’ by Dr. Carl J. Lavie was published in 2014. The author of this ‘poke in the eye of conventional medical wisdom’ Dr. Lavie says that “once you get high blood pressure, blocked heart arteries and peripheral arterial disease, the obese patients do better than the lean patients.”

Dr. Lavie is Professor of Medicine and Medical Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Preventive Cardiology; Director, Exercise Testing Laboratory; and Staff Cardiologist, Echocardiographic Laboratory at the John Ochsner Heart and Vascular Institute in New Orleans, Ochsner Clinical School-The University of Queensland School of Medicine.

He has authored over 800 medical publications and 2 cardiology textbooks, and his name is firmly established in medical world, especially in regards to cardiology.

In his book – as well as in his numerous scientific papers – Dr. Lavie, one of the first researchers reviewed and recorded evidence of an obesity paradox in the patients with heart failure.

Dr. Lavie stated that “…numerous studies have documented an obesity paradox in which overweight and obese people with established cardio-vascular disease…have a better prognosis compared with non-overweight / non-obese patients.”

According to the so-called “obesity paradox,” the additional fat on the obese person can be a boon in battling heart disease. It’s thought that though obesity can be the cause of various diseases, the “metabolic reserve” in an obese person gives them more energy to fight a disease.

But before you reach for that slice of cheesecake, you should know that this study doesn’t exactly give you carte blanche in the diet department. Dr. Lavie still advises his obese patients to try and lose weight. Because, the doctor says, trimming down is still the best way to avoid getting sick in the first place.


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