How to de-clutter your memory

To de-clutter your memory storage is a job for your beautiful mind. Ideally that amazing recording facility shall monitor memory storage’s content and at certain times remove information that is not needed anymore and put it on the back burner.

Just chuck it out! Really? Could it be totally and completely deleted forever? Then how about this?

You’ve heard and even seen in the movies about someone who got amnesia, a total loss of memory. Physically this person could be perfectly all right except they remember nothing. Nothing at all: who they are, who are these people around them like their wife and friends, where were they born and when, their address, etc. Then suddenly, under some physical or emotional shock all their memories come back. Just like that – in the blink of an eye!

This is undeniable proof that memory is not ruined and eliminated. Our ability to ‘read’ our memory – connecting to our memories, bringing them up to the surface – that is what gets broken and then restored.

That means when we want to remove an unwanted memory we cannot actually “chuck it out”. It stays in our brain somewhere like in a rubbish bin or storage compartment with a sticker: “Access denied”.

When you learn how to talk to your mind and give it orders just tell it you don’t want some painful memory bother you anymore. You can visualise that “Access denied” box, pack the bad memory in there and shut down the lid. If it surfaces again, repeat the procedure. That must work, be persistant.

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